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    Post by Minoichi on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:40 pm

    Ok, just to let you know, yes, this site has rules, and you ALL need to obey them to reduce the chance of getting banned. Here are the rules.

    1. No Godmodding, for all of you that do not know what godmodding is, it is where you are post and don’t give the opponent a chance to escape, dodge, or miss the attack.

    Example: Naruto uses rasengan and hit sasuke with a lot of power! He died.
    That is Godmodding.

    2. Swearing limited in posting! We do NOT want to find a post saying. “Fuck, I died thanks to that cunts ass”.
    That is NOT ACCEPTABLE, depending on the choice of words. Also, you get 3 strikes, a warning, a strike, and another strike. The Warning counts as a strike. Bastard and Damnit are excepted, others will have to be looked at.

    3. No 1 Line Posting, you should know this one, add detail in your posts or don’t post at all. So No

    “I don’t care” Said Tajo, or
    “It’s me” Said Ire.

    4. Do NOT post websites in the chatbox, only in the advertisement section; any websites found in the chatbox without administrator’s permission will get kicked out of the chatbox.

    5. Please people, try to have some discipline, we want to have a good site, not one that just erupts with complaints.

    6. Metagaming is not tolerated anytime in the forum, at all. Any kind of this play will be instant ban on sight. Metagaming is when your character knows something that you do. It CANNOT be so, if yo have no RP'ed the moment, or have had your character seen it for themselves. NO exceptions. Remember: Any Metagaming, is BANNED ON SIGHT.

    7. Disciplinary actions are as follows in the forum and Chatbox:

    Chatbox Discipline
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Second Warning
    3rd: Kick from Chatbox
    4th: Ban from Chatbox. 3 Days.
    5th: Ban from Chatbox. 7 days.
    6th: Permanent Ban.

    Forum Discipline
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Second Warning
    3rd: Ban from Forum for 3 days.
    4th: Ban from Forum for 7 Days.
    5th: Permanent Ban from Forum. IP will be banned.

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