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    Basic Information

    Name: Mitsukai Sennin [ Angel Sage ]
    Age: 28
    Gender: M

    Mitsukai was born with a different sort of look. He doesn't particularly look like anything special, just a normal guy. His hair is at a medium size lengthen and this is because it never gets any longer and Mitsukai never has to cut it. It never getting shorter is a good thing for Mitsukai because it doesn't get in his way when he is in battle. He keeps his hair in place by putting it in a ponytail, he doesn't find it girly looking considering his hair isn't that long but if it was that would be a different story. His eyes are a blueisn green color and most that see them consider them to be rare, usually telling Mitsukai that he is lucky for this. Because of him being anti social he usually just brushes comments like that off. Typically, he never shows any facial expressions and pretty much almost shows no interest in anything around him at all which is why most of the time when people look at him they say his face always looks exactly the same each time they see him. He usually wears his old Kiri headband which has the slash in it. He will even do this on infiltration missions and such because of the fact that he doesn't really get scared of fighting if someone notices. Although he usually doesn't infiltrate villages on his own anyway.

    For attire he typically wears pretty much the same thing that all of the other Akatsuki members wear. He wears the long black robe with red clouds on them with a white outline. Typically he will have part of the robe buttoned down and will have one of his hands out of the front of it. He does this by force of habit, but also because it is quick easy access if he needs to take the robe off for a fight, if his opponent is strong enough for him to get serious. The difference between Mitsukai's robe and the rest of Akatsuki's is the fact that his robe has weights implemented in them for training purposes, making his robe extremely heavy which is why when he fights a strong opponent he takes it off. This really helps him when it comes to gaining more and more speed. Under his robe he has a netted shirt on the top of it to almost half of it and the bottom is just all black. He wears normal black pants and normal shinobi sandals. Mitsukai has something else that is different than the other Akatsuki members. Instead of traditionally having one ring like the rest of them Mitsukai actually has two, the reason for this is because he has a specific Jutsu for his second ring.
    • Shitsunen no Katana [ Blade of Forgetting ]
      Mitsukai's favorite blade ever. This blade lies in a sheath that which Mitsukai wheres around his entire body. This blade was said to be one of the Legendary Blades, much like Orochimaru's 'Kusanagi'. Mitsukai's blade is one of the very strongest of the legendary blades. It is known as the 'Shitsunen no Katana', aka Shitsunen, literally meaning Blade of Forgetting, or just Forgetting. This was the blade of all the leaders of Mitsukai's clan going back from generation to generation. It was said that no one else would be able to use it besides someone from the Kira clan, and this happened to be true. Even though Mitsukai was destined to be Leader of the clan and he already would have obtained the blade he still saw fit to kill off his clan so that no one could eventually take over as leader, he wanted the blade all to himself and he was able to get it easily by killing them. The blade is completely black with a red hilt. The blade itself looks decently plain having no real designs or anything on the hilt which a lot of Katana seem to have. However this blade may seem ordinary it definitely isn't. This blade's ability happens to be that whenever it penetrates a targets skin, they begin to start forgetting their past. Within 10 seconds, they will have forgotten everything about themselves. They even would not be able to remember how to perform jutsu, which would make Mitsukai's target an easy kill. Mitsukai really only uses this blade if he feels that he needs to end his fight quickly, because the blade has a side effect. While it doesn't actually take chakra to wield the blade whenever the blade is unsheathed it will begin to suck up the users chakra at a decently fast rate, sucking up about 10% of it every 5 minutes.

    Mitsukai is known to be someone that isn't very pleasant to be around. When people are looking for someone to be social with or just someone to talk to they know not to go to Mitsukai, especially if they're his members because in some cases Mitsukai will kill any member that gets too social with him. This is because he likes to keep everything in his organization professional, and he has plans to keep his organization based on the same goals that Madara and Nagato had. Mitsukai happened to be the one that was always hidden in the shadows. Everyone in Akatsuki had a partner, even Madara, but that was only his pretend partner. Mitsukai happened to be Madara's partner but because Madara was trying to keep a low profile none of the Akatsuki knew about him. The second that he took over, they saw who he was. He has a brutal way of doing things and most of the Akatsuki fear his power. Mitsukai is an extremely strict leader and he doesn't take failure lightly. If someone fails him and he believes that they are easily replaceable then he will kill them in a heart beat without even giving it a second thought. Because of this, Akatsuki seems to be very diciplined.

    Despite his brutal nature as a leader, Mitsukai is actually a very peaceful man. He likes to avoid long battles if possible, which is why he usually is known for taking out his opponents extremely quickly. When Mitsukai actually gets out he can often be seen with birds on his shoulders. This is because of not only his fascination with the nature around him but this is also because of his peaceful nature. Most people that do not bother him and wish to sit in silence as he does typically find him a pleasant person to be around in that matter. This isn't entirely different in battle either. No matter the situation Mitsukai always is seen to be quite calm. He does not over react in any given situation and he has something that every Akatsuki Member should have; Or rather shouldn't have; which is the fear of death. If Mitsukai was in a situation were he knew that he was going to die then he wouldn't have any regrets, and the opponent that happened to be capable of killing him would fear him as he died with a smile on his face. This is his nature. Mitsukai is known to go off into his speeches about the shinobi world, his perceptions, and his ambitions when he is fighting an opponent that might contradict those beliefs.

    There is one thing that Mitsukai particularly hates and he will never be able to make an exception. That is when he is betrayed. When he gets betrayed, especially by one of his members Mitsukai will send people to hunt that person down. He refuses to tollerate it, and when people join Akatsuki they are in until their mission is completed or until death. Mitsukai is someone that absolutely loves a challenge, so when it comes down to a tough battle like taking on Konoha Mitsukai will do it on his own. Mitsukai is usually quite, showing an expressionless face to everyone that he meets people often are creeped out by him even if they don't realize how powerful he is. Mitsukai also is extremely good at manipulation just as Madara was. Because of his Kekkei Genkai that allows him to tap into a person's mind, he can pretty much persuade any person to do anything that he wants.

    Shinobi Information
    Rank: Akatsuki Leader

    Village: Kiriagakure

    Clan Information (Optional)
    Name: Kira
    Kekkei Genkai:

    The First Stage
    The first stage of Mitsukai's Kekkei Genkai is a very complex KKG. This Kekkei Genkai starts with the user's mind and opens up a vast amount of possibilities. The first stage will give the Kira clan member the ability of Telepathy, being able to not only read a person's mind but also other abilities such as being able to speak inside of another person's head. The user can make their opponent hear voices in their head, pretty much anything that they want. The user will also have many abilities like being able to read the targets memories. The good thing about using this in battle is the fact that the user can read the mind of the opponent and counter betfore they even move their body. Because people usually act on impulse and instict in battle they are thinking extremely fast, therefore not feeling like they thought about their movements at all. With the user being able to counter more quickly than the opponent can even move their body this may lead the target to believe that the user can actually see into the future but that doesn't happen to be one of the Kekkei Genkai's abilities. With the proper training and advancement this Kekkei Genkai can be taken extremely far. Instead of Just reading the mind of the target and looking into all of their memories the user will actually be able to extract any memory they wish from their target, thus making it so they are even capable of making the target forget how to perform Jutsu but remember everything else about their life, typically immobilizing them in a battle. However this extraction takes actual physical contact for a few seconds so it is not very east to pull off.

    The Second Stage:
    This is the second stage of Mitsukai's Kekkei Genkai. In some ways this is known to be the more powerful stage, rather than the first stage which is pretty much just a way to play with people's heads. This Stage has a different unique ability to it however it drains chakra to use, unlike the first stage which is just the use of his mind. This stage will give Mitsukai the ability to levitate and completely move objects with his mind. This ability is much like the ability of Nagato's 'God Realm.' Only Mitsukai does not have the weakness about having to wait five seconds after using it to actually use it again, Mitsukai can use it whenever he wants to. The bigger the objects the more chakra this stage begins to drain from him. Moving people is no problem for him. There is a catch to this Stage. While having the ability to move people can become extremely handy, the problem with the actual stage is the fact that Mitsukai can only move an object when his mind has actually locked in on it. If his target is moving fast he won't be able to lock his mind on that object and he will not be capable of moving it anywhere. That being said, the object would have to be moving at an extremely fast pace for him not to be able to lock on to them as he has perfected this stage of his Kekkei Genkai over the years.
    Clan History:

    Jutsu Information!

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    Type: (Supplementary, Attack, Stealth)
    Element: (Katon, Raiton, Suiton, Doton, Fuuton | Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth, Wind)
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