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    Basic Information

    Name:Gale Uchiha




    Looks:6'2 in height,134b,He normaly wears jet black stealth pants.With a under shirt that was black,and a jet black jacket.He have mediem size hair and natural red eyes.

    Personality:gale is the type of person that is quiet and hate to be in stuff that have nothing to do with him,and he love to cook,when he is fighting he becomes very happy.He is not the type of person to kill his opponent he is the type to fight them then to be friends with them and ask for another fight.He always run from the fan girls,he like hyuuga girls or girls that dont think about him,but he is interested in love.

    He can be a inspiring person if you get to know him.He love's to read books and he love's traveling often because of the fact that he get to explore the world and its good parts and bad parts and find mysterys of the world that people don't know.He is not the kind of person to watch as a lady drops her bag.He probly would but then again he probly won't because he is neaither good or bad he is in between.

    Shinobi Information


    History And Roleplay Sample
    gale was a amazing boy,but sense he was a uchiha fangirls was everywhere.Gale was quiet and never in anything,but when he start fighting everything changed.One day he was training and he got into a life threating injury and he activated Sharingan.He trained for one hour to control it,then when he went to his mother to tell him what happened.Then she told him who his real father is,the holder of the 5 tailed.Gale got someone to take him to find his father,they found him and his father was dieing so he sealed it inside his son.Gale didnt want to go back to his village so he became a wanderer.But it was to much so he went back to the village.

    Gennin arc-
    as a gennin he had a normal missions and no squads,just another gennin with him on his missions like a partner.Both of them became best friends and They both had no goals in live.His friend's name is tenshu Nara.With Gale's speed and tenshu's Nara and with Tenshu's brains and Gale's power they were the Ulitmate gennin team,they completed 45 D-Rank missions,33 C-Rank missions and they did a B rank mission but when Gale came back His clan was destroyed and durring this C-Rank mission Gale had Gain 2 Tome sharingan.

    Chunnin arc-
    Gale tryed his hard to set aside his clans destruction,He trained extra hard in the hopes of becoming strong for his clan.Tenshu Had stayed away from him because he felt that Gale needed his space and he needed his time to think about his next move.Gale told Tenshu what his plans were and Tenshu agreed on them and they both trained and when the chunnin exams started with the written exams Tenshu Got done with his test and then Gale used sharingan to copy it and they both passed.And at the forest of Death Gale and Tenshu split up and attacked at night and gathered the scrolls.And in the rounds Gale had to fight a girl with amazing speed and 5 tailed started to mess up and he became faster and defeated her.Tenshu had to fight a large guy and he was stupid and Tenshu defeated him with out trying.After that they began training again and they promised each other if they have to fight each other to fight with all there might but not to kill each other.The chunnin exams came and they passed all of them but in the 5th round,both had to fight each other and they fought and the fight was intence but in the end they both were evenly matched.The next month they were both promoted to chunnin.During the fight Gale had Gain tome 3 sharingan

    Jonnin arc-
    Gale and Tenshu had flew threw the ranks and they were a chunnin they both injoyed missions that have Gale and tenshu to go to different places of the world and find out new things about the world that the leaf village doesnt know about.They trained while on missions and learned other village jutsu and made them there own and they always made peace with the village they go too,in order to make sure that when the Leaf village is under attack that they had other villages to support them.Gale and Tenshu had had asked to be the hokages student,the Hokage said yes and they were given the rights to use S-Rank jutsus.And they were called the Sannin in training.

    Sannin in training arc-
    Gale and Tenshu had become one of the strongest in there village.They taught Jonnin,ANBU's and chunnin.They also traveled around the world and fought many battles,The reasons that they were that so that the world can know about the new Sannin's from the leaf village.They always came back to the leaf village with new Imformation,jutsu and weapons.One night a jashin attack the village hidden in the leaves.All ninjas that fought him failed and retreated.Gale and Tenshu fought him and they were evenly Tenshu tryed to catch the jashin with a secert clan jutsu and the Jashin back fired it and Tenshu died.Gale went tailed and then he punched him so hard that this body exploded.There were a reconishion for Tenshu.4 months later he became a Sannin.

    Roleplay Sample: Gale quickly runs,and runs,but the banits are hot on his trall they strike at him.He jump on one of the branches and keep going then he saw a light he went to it and it was a open space.Gale could not run he was traped there was olny one thing to do fight.All of the bandits that was chasing him was here one of the bandits sayed"your death is set kid you got no where to go"he got ready ,they charged and the last words that came from his mouth is"dragon dance"then moving with unhuman speed in 17 sceonds top they was all dead.

    after that he wander the area and his body failed on him and when he woke up he was in a house,and the man that saved him sayed that his body stoped working but he cant fight for awhile,gale did not listen to the man and when he start training every hour his body would fail and he will fall again but he keep trying and it keep happening.And he did it one more time and he was able to train,on the way back to the village,more bandits came,this time I walked away and they trap me by blocking my path i sayed nicely"please move I dont want any trubble I just want to get pass,I want to get back to my home village"they got ready.he dropped his bag and they charged,this time Gale was able to move a whole lot faster and this time when Gale killed them they didnt touch him.

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    1. A picture and 1 Paragraph Description for Looks.
    2. More on all history arcs.
    3. A little more on the RP Sample

    Thanks =]

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    ACtually. I don't think he should add more to the RP Sample.
    After all, it is just that, a sample. May as well have him put how he'd actualy RP.

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