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    History of Shinobi Awakening: Shinobi Awakening (SA) is a RPG themed to Naruto in a fun Roleplaying enviroment. The site has just opened, in which many ranks are open such as Tsuchikage and Akatsuki to Genin. We're motivated to improve your own existing Roleplaying skills but we require your assistance first. The storyline runs through as Akatsuki is back, the Five Great Countries remain as the main ones, and we all live in an alternative Naruto universe! We feature systems where you can have up to four ninja skills with its own conditions and you can make your own group! So come join us and embark on a long-lasting adventure that will surely keep you pleased!

    Who are the owners? The founder of Shinobi Awakening is a talented man called Pluto. Alongside him are Shikatara Nara and Yondaime: the admins. Enforcing the quest are Ashley, Rina, Paks, and Seisoku: the grand moderators.

    What's the best thing in our plot?
    We have all of the nine bijuu and Jinchuruki! So be sure to claim a spot before it's gone. As a Jinchuruki, you become a target of the world's most feared organization- the Akatsuki! All of the villages shall battle either with each other or against each other in competition of strength and skill on who shall rightfully own the bijuu. Such motivation for supremacy can eventually start the Great Ninja World War.

    Where can you visit us? Just click on the link below.
    Link: Shinobi Awakening - SA

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