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    Post by Hidan on Thu Apr 09, 2009 4:50 pm

    These are the rules you must play by

    1- Akatsuki and Missing Ninja cannot attack or enter Konoha without The Hokage's approval. Please pm me about this and the information about your attack or entry. There are Chuunin guards at the Entrances of the Village, so please don't try to be stupid and say awww i killed them before.

    2- If somebody has private in their topic title you cannot enter the topic without the Creator of this topics approval.

    3- If somebody has nokilling or no fighting in there topic title please don't attack/ kill them simply because its against the rules

    4- This is my rule because it annoys me other sites don't have it. (This rule out rules 2 and 3) If you are leaving/betraying the Village for Akatsuki/Missing Nin, you cannot simply leave in a private nokilling topic anybody can fight you on the way out.

    5- Don't hit your opponent in your post it is Godmodding, they decide if they get hit. But its also godmodding if you dont get hit at all in a fight. Also if you say your opponent is running at you when they never said that. You cannot roleplay there characters movements.

    6- You can't not be hit in a battle, This is almost Godmodding, unless the Hokage is versing a Genin/ Academy student etc. I don't want a Genin vs Genin without one of the Genin being hit. UNLESS that's what the other genin has asked, but I highly doubt that.

    7- You cannot do a mission without asking the Hokage if it is ok first. Or you may be called a Missing Ninja for leaving the village and will hunted down and killed. Use the mission template in Konoha's Administration Building.

    8- Non approved people cannot roleplay until they are approved. They can post in the social areas but not as there character for they wouldn't be approved and don't exist.

    9- People can only post in one place at a time. We cannot have one person fighting three different people at the same time for if that person died it screws up. People found doing this will have the topic deleted. If you repeat this you may get a short ban from role playing. If you ignore this you will get a one day ban from the site.

    10- When using a jutsu attach the template of the jutsu to your post so the opponent will know what the jutsu does.

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